Courses and Seminars will be returning in 2022 - watch this space!

Evolving Voice has been set up to provide a range of training opportunities for all those working with voices.

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course this week. I found it extremely informative, delivered with warmth and great knowledge.
In these odd times I felt you managed to be inclusive, friendly and involving”

Sarah Jefferies, Singing Teacher, UK

Thank you so much for a fantastic few days. I really learned a lot and consolidated a lot more.
I have been trying to find an opportunity to do this course for a couple of years now. Time constraints and costs of accommodation and airfares etc have made it difficult at times… it was so great to have my time freed up so that I could participate in this course … from the comfort of my own couch!
It was particularly nice to be able to put some faces to names that I see on FB groups. There was such an international cohort of people and I was especially delighted to get to know some like minded colleagues who live not far from me.

Triona Walsh, Singing Teacher, Ireland

Online Courses have been structured to be delivered in self-contained seminars. Each seminar lasts three hours, this includes a short break and time for questions. Each course is a recommended collection of seminars, normally delivered at the same time each week. You can pick and choose – select the topics most useful to you and structure your own learning journey.

There is a discount for multiple bookings, it’s cheaper if you book two, four or six seminars at once. If you have registered for a seminar but you are unable to attend, or are called away in the middle, you will have access to a film recording for a few days afterwards.

The courses on offer can provide information and practical guidance for music teachers, musical directors, singing and voice teachers. You may be a beginner teacher fresh from college or an experienced singer wanting to explore a wider range of options for your students. You could be a classroom teacher who would like to try some more singing with your students, or a choral conductor who wants to check that their warm-ups and vocal guidance are really on the right lines.

These courses are aimed at voice practitioners who already have a practical, working knowledge of singing but who wish to gain a deeper understanding in order to further their practice. The content is not genre-specific, it does not follow any particular model and can be applied to any voice use.

Past students have been Singers – professionals, students and amateurs; Singing Teachers, Vocal Coaches, Spoken Voice Teachers, Speech and Language Therapists, Choral Directors, Osteopaths and Laryngeal Massage Therapists.

If you would like to be sent more information on courses, here’s how

As always you were totally brilliant, informative, well-researched and relevant combined with your special ability to make complex issues accessible and comprehensible. I so admired your calm and relaxed delivery.

Rebecca Moseley-Morgan, Chair of Education British Voice Association

Jenevora Williams ...

has been training teachers for fifteen years. She has worked with teachers at all levels: with music teachers on INSET days to supervising those undertaking MA and PhD studies in Vocal Pedagogy. Her courses can be bespoke in length and in content, depending on what is going to be the most useful. Alternatively you can sign up for one of the many courses that she runs during the year. Course content is always absolutely up to date; Jenevora is constantly studying, reading and thinking. She has a network of expert colleagues across the world with whom she will consult and discuss the latest research in the field.

Jenevora also offers a private mentoring service for singing teachers who would like some individual guidance with their work. This can either be in person or online.

Jenevora williams evolving voice