Dr Jenevora Williams is a passionate pedagogue and a leading exponent in the field of vocal health and singing teaching. She was the first singing teacher to be awarded a PhD in voice science in the UK, and won the 2010 BVA Van Lawrence Prize for her outstanding contribution to voice research.

Teacher Training for Singing Teachers

As voice science is a relatively young discipline, she has engaged in pioneering work at a grass roots level through the delivery of innovative lectures on Vocal Health, Performance Anxiety, Vocal Pedagogy, Teaching Young Singers, Voice Acoustics, and Teaching Studio Communication Style for bodies such as the British Voice AssociationBritish Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) and the Association of Teachers of Singing. She also offers more general training for teachers in regional and national music organisations like Sound Connections and Sistema Scotland. She has written the first Vocal Pedagogy syllabus for a university-accredited MA, combining both art and science; this has been so successful that the first cohort of students is well on the way through the course, the second cohort is working through the Postgraduate Certificate, and the third cohort of students is signed up to begin in April 2019.

Many of her courses are with Voice Workshop, do take a look at their website for more details.

Jenevora williams evolving voice
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