Course: Anatomy for Voice Professionals 08.02.20

8 February 2020  |  Guildford 10.30 – 5.30

This course is aimed at voice practitioners who wish to gain a deeper understanding
in order to further their practice. The content is not genre-specific, it does not follow
any particular model and can be applied to any voice use. Past students have been
Singing Teachers, Spoken Voice Teachers, Speech and Language Therapists,
Osteopaths and Laryngeal Massage Therapists.


You can either attend the one-day course alone, or extend by a further day to complete vocal rehabilitation training.

Course details

Bone and the skeleton 

Interrelationship between bony structures

The spine and its attachments

Connective tissues 

Types of cartilage

Ligaments and tendons



Synovial joint structure

The temporomandibular joint

Nerves and the Brain

Learning of skilled motor activity, myelin formation


Different muscle types and their functions

Alignment and balance

•The body’s relationship with gravity

•Why specific misuse can affect the voice 

Breath management

Muscles of respiration–primary and accessory

Breathing for voice use

The Larynx – intrinsic and extrinsic structures

Muscles for swallowing

Vocal fold structure: layering of tissue types

Vocal fold vibration: the Bernoulli effect

Pitch:the muscles of pitch control

More on the intrinsic laryngeal musculature

Vocal fold behaviour: Breathiness, harshness

Vocal registers

Semi-occluded vocal tract exercises


The vocal tract

The nature of sounds generated by the larynx and how this is modified by the vocal tract to form vowels and consonants.

Pharynx: the constrictor muscles, the velum

Larynx height: constrictor and strap muscles

Tongue: connections between the tongue and the hyoid bone and the velum

Jaw: opening and over-opening

Course fee:

Anatomy for voice professionals – £130.00

Singing voice rehabilitation – £130.00

Anatomy for voice professionals + Singing voice rehabilitation – £255.00 

Course venue - Guildford County School GU2 4LU
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