Singing Teachers' or Choral Directors' Guide to Singing

14-15 April 2020| 10am to 5pm  |  Online via Zoom

Singing Teachers, or those who may be new to teaching – this is for you. Choir Directors – here is a chance for you to find out what’s actually going on with your singers’ voices. With a more accurate knowledge of vocal function and technique, you will be in a far better position to advise and adjust the singing sound. This two-day course will give you a firm foundation in the knowledge and skills necessary to get the most out of your choir. We will also cover vocal changes across the lifespan, warm-ups (what are we warming-up and how) and some essential information on vocal health.

“To fellow choral directors: if you get the chance to attend this meticulously-researched and beautifully-delivered course on the singing voice, then grab it!”

Course details

Day 1 - A basic introduction to how the voice works

– Postural alignment and balance
– Breath management
– The larynx and the vocal folds
– The vocal tract: jaw and tongue

Day 2 - A Lifetime of Healthy Singing

– Vocal development of children: limitations and possibilities at each age
– Adolescent voices: recognising the stages of voice change in boys’ voices, teenage girls’ voices
– Voice changes through the adult lifespan: menopause and ageing
– Warm-ups: what are we doing and how
– Learning and habit-forming; motor learning skills
– Vocal health: looking after the voice in sickness and in health

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Course venue

Online via Zoom

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