Practical Vocal Acoustics: with Kenneth Bozeman 07.09.21 - 09.09.21

7-9 September 2021  |  St Nicolas’ Church, Bury St, Guildford GU2 4AW | 10am-5pm
Lunch and refreshments will be provided on each day

7 September: Introduction to Acoustic Pedagogy; suitable for anyone new to incorporating acoustic concepts into singing and teaching

8-9 September: Practical application; small group work using Voce Vista for acoustic analysis of singing. Suitable for anyone who has some knowledge of acoustic voice pedagogy.

Three Day Voice Workshop

Overarching Principles

  • Utilization of deeply programmed, innate responses (primal sound; impulse to express feelings; the effect of affect on respiration, phonation, and resonation)
  • Awareness of innate responses to acoustics of the system that must be managed (yell, whisper, etc.)
  • Facilitation of phonation efficiency (most output for least local effort; balance of pressure/flow/ resistance; flow phonation) 
  • Facilitation of acoustic efficiency (resonance coupling; beneficial interactive feedback; chiaroscuro timbral balance)
  • Coordination with and correlation to successful historic pedagogy (Italian international school)
  • Incorporation of relevant emerging voice science (acoustic registration; non-linearity of voice acoustics; psycho-acoustics: absolute spectral tone color, auditory roughness, and vibrotactile sensation)
  • Emerging application to vocal styles and genres other than Western classical, especially belt-related genres

Course details

7th September 2021
Kinaesthetic Voice Pedagogy and Introduction to Voice Acoustics

  • The Voice Source: Pre-phonatory Tuning, Respiration, Phonation, Spectral Tone Color
  • The Vocal Tract Resonances & Acoustic Registration
  • Vowel Migration & Vowel Modification
  • Implications of Absolute Spectral Tone Color, Auditory Roughness, and Pallesthesia

8-9 September 2021 
Practical Vocal Acoustics

Further exploration of the principles of acoustic pedagogy with small supervised break-out groups; using Voce Vista in the studio. 

Day Two

  • Acoustic Registration and Its Relationship to Laryngeal Registration
  • Vowel Migration & Modification
  • Implications & Applications for Non-Treble Voices (Bass, Baritone, Tenor)
  • Implications & Applications for Treble Voices (Countertenor, Contralto, Mezzo, Soprano)
  • Implications for Belt-related Styles.  

Day Three

  • More live demonstration with participants
  • Q & A wrap up.
Course fee:

Day one only £140
Days two and three only £260
All three days £370 

The Voce Vista software will be available for course participants to purchase with a discount of 10%
Full-time students can have a 50% discount from the retail price

General Philosophical Orientation

First a word about the basis for the pedagogy I will be presenting.  All human knowing is tentative. And as the saying goes, “Things are rarely what they seem.” How do we proceed? Science is the reigning and best means humans have devised for carefully testing ideas.  Yet scientists understand—better than the general public—that science doesn’t establish the truth, rather it proposes the best explanation to date from the evidence. That said, truth does exist outside of science, and can be accessed, though not proven, through other means—especially through carefully considering the best of historic pedagogy, and through clinical experience involving careful observation, intuitive response, and heuristic solutions. 

Course venue - St Nicolas' Church, Bury St, Guildford GU2 4AW

Limited street parking available
Artington Park-and-ride has a direct bus to the church
Guildford railway station is a five-minute walk from the church