Course - Teaching Young Voices

This course will give you a firm foundation in the development of children’s voices, what they are capable of at each stage and the issues encountered during puberty.

It is one of the most successful courses run by Jenevora Williams; over 200 teachers have participated worldwide. If you are working with young singers, it is essential that you are aware of all the developmental stages, how to recognise these and what the limitations and possibilities are at every level.

If you are a singing teacher, a choral director, a classroom music teacher or a Musical Theatre MD – this is what you need to know.

The content is based on research evidence and a lifetime of experience in the field; it is not a teaching method, you will be given the tools to devise your own teaching strategies. The 38 films making up this course are a complete learning experience in themselves, they are comprehensive and thorough. 

There is the option to complete a Certificate in Teaching Young Voices. If you wish to complete the certificate there will be assignments to undertake in the following months, with as much tutorial support as you need via zoom, phone or email.

"Thank you so much for this great class! It was insightful, clear and understandable as well as full of useful information- not only about the young voices but all singers in general. I used the puffy cheek-ba exercise with one of my students this morning and it was just what she needed! We explored it together and it was so helpful for her (and me to understand its effect and power)."

Barbara Tanze, Singing Teacher, Slovenia

"Thank you for this week's course. It has been excellent. You have touched on so many different things to consider not only with regards to the voice and how it works, but also how to teach which is an important part sometimes missing in private teaching. We are there to scope the next generation, and what we say can have long term effects. My understanding of how the voice grows and the changes it can go through is so much better, and I look forward to consolidating my knowledge over the next few days by reviewing my notes and your slides."

Emily Tully, SEN music and Singing Teacher