Teaching Young Voices

7-9 April 2020  | Online via Zoom

This course will give you a firm foundation in the development of children’s voices, what they are capable of at each stage and the issues encountered during puberty. If you are a singing teacher, a choral director, a classroom music teacher or a Musical Theatre MD – this is what you need to know. The content is based on research evidence and a lifetime of experience in the field; it is not a teaching method, you will be given the tools to devise your own teaching strategies. If you wish to complete the certificate there will be assignments to complete in the following months, with as much tutorial support as you need via skype, phone or email.

Course details

Day 1: 10.30am - 5pm

– Why teach singing to children?
– Recent educational research looking at learning and aptitude
– The benefits of singing for achievement and well being
– Foundations in vocal anatomy
– Basic structure and function
– Challenging assumptions
– Choosing our language
– Development from birth to 6yrs
– Early musical experiences
– Musical play
– Vocal abilities and suitable repertoire

Day 2: 10am to 5pm

– Singing in Key Stage 2
– Vocal development
– Musical development including singing in tune
– Relationship between parents, student and the teacher
– Adolescent girls
– The role of hormones in vocal development
– Common issues like breathiness in the voice
– Repertoire choices
– Adolescent boys
– Recognising the stages of voice change
– How to keep singing though these changes
– Common challenges such as working with a limited range or choosing whether to use falsetto
– Less common issues such as puberphonia
– Finding repertoire that fits

Day 3: 10am to 4.30pm

– Structuring lessons and practice
– Warm-ups: what to do and in which order
– Crossing genres: pop and musical theatre techniques
– Dealing with fear – memorising music and performance anxiety
– Teaching students with different learning needs, for example: dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, visually impaired
– Child protection issues
– Vocal health

Course fee:

from £180.00

Online via Zoom
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