Talking of Singing - Gillyanne Kayes, 29th November, 5-6.30pm Are you Singing Comfortably?

Singers are considered vocal athletes who train to keep vocally fit for their performance tasks. However, not all vocal tasks are the same, nor all singers. Gillyanne will be talking with Jenevora about her research findings into professional female singers of different genres and explaining why ‘comfort zone’ is important in singing and how it can be applied in the teaching studio.

Gillyanne Kayes has an international reputation as an expert singing voice pedagogue, and a lifelong interest in healthy voice use. Her prolific output of educational resources includes books (Singing and the Actor, This Is A Voice, Singing Express, Successful Singing Auditions), training Webinars and DVDs (co-produced with husband Jeremy Fisher) and the One Minute Voice WarmUp App co-produced with SpeechTools. Gillyanne’s academic voice can be heard in the Oxford Handbook of Singing and Journal of Voice.

Till recently presentations and workshops have taken Gillyanne over much of the world. Back home in lockdown she has kept busy creating online training for singing teachers and choir leaders and gently bickering with husband Jeremy Fisher as they talk all things voice on their new podcast series This Is A Voice

Event fee:

£20 for each conversation booked individually, 10% discount for two, 15% for four and 20% for six in one basket