Talking of Singing - Joanne Bozeman, 16th August, 5-6.30pm

Hormones in the female voice

Joanne Bozeman is going to talk about the effect of hormones on the female voice. This is a hugely significant matter for 50% of the singing population. We will talk about the menstrual cycle and menopause. We’ll also talk about pregnancy, breastfeeding and the ‘fourth trimester’.

Managing the singing voice through the hormonal rollercoaster of life is an ever-changing challenge. This is a subject that is extremely important for all who are working with female singers.  

A graduate of the University of Arizona, Joanne Bozeman has been a singing teacher for 46 years. Based in Wisconsin, USA, she recently retired from Lawrence University’s Conservatory of Music, where she taught studio voice and a number of voice-related courses for 26 years. Though retired from academia and professional performance, Joanne remains active in the voice community as a teacher and presenter.

 Inspired by a keen and long-standing interest in voice health and the effect of hormones on female voice throughout life, she is a co-author of Singing Through Change: Women’s Voices in Midlife, Menopause and Beyond. The book highlights stories of women’s fascinating and sometimes complex experiences with their voices during this important phase of life and includes voice care and health guidelines. To help other female singers understand their bodies and their voices, Joanne draws from her history as someone who had voice difficulties during midlife as well as her earlier background as a certified prenatal and childbirth educator.

Event fee:

£20 for each conversation booked individually, 10% discount for two, 15% for four and 20% for six in one basket

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