Talking of Singing - Roundtable on Posture, 8th November, 5-6.30pm Robert Sussuma, Jean Bernard Cerin, Stephen King

THE SINGING FISH – Evolution, Voice and the Potential of the Human Frame

Evolutionarily speaking, our body plan started out underwater, as a fish body plan. That basic skeletal configuration evolved to become reptiles, mammals, primates and humans as we adapted and re-adapted to an ever-changing world.
Looking at the human frame and voice from and with this understanding provides wonderful insights into our function and potential and lends a multitude of dimensions to what we think of as “good” “posture.”

Over the past 20 years, Robert Sussuma, MMus. and Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner has been a singer (countertenor, Early Music), voice teacher (all styles, voice-science-informed) and a movement educator (somatic learning specialist), but above all, he’s been an explorer, experimenter, inventor and integrator.
He has brought together ideas from the Feldenkrais® Method, Evolutionary Science, Neurology, Experiential Learning, Psychology, Literature and the Arts to create a method for body/voice learning that allows anyone to develop their vocal skills to new and advanced levels while respecting their whole self and system. 
Visit for more info. Now, Robert, in addition to his interests and class offerings in body/voice learning is branching out to work more and more with the other wonders of the human experience in an integrated and transformational way. Stay tuned! 
Is it the voice teacher’s job to assess and address mobility deficiencies in a voice lesson? 
The world of kinesiology now abounds with vital information about common mobility deficits that the average singer may manifest along with relatively safe protocols to begin to address those deficits.  Moving the conversation beyond static postural prescriptions, how can a voice teacher prepare themselves to be an effective movement educator?

Jean Bernard Cerin is a baritone, researcher and educator. Praised for his “burnished tones and focused phrasing,” he has charmed audiences throughout the United States, France, Austria, and his native Haiti. Dr. Cerin works with singers all over the world at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania and his private online studio, The Integrated Voice Studio. He holds graduate degrees from the New England Conservatory and the University of Michigan. 

Posture and its history with prejudice
From the 1600’s, the philosophy of “posture” (once a construct for that of military use) was championing uniformity, and now is being challenged in all its forms by functional, pain and medical science.
Posture’s chequered evolution sees the effect of racial, classist and political influences, forming a complex psychosocial ‘problem’ which acted to segregate “us” from “them”. Is it time we acknowledged this?

Stephen King is the founder of London’s largest multidisciplinary, medical and holistic centre for vocal health, the Voice Care Centre, and is the co creator of the world first; Vocal Health First Aid.
As a Clinical Massage Therapist and Masters level Voice Pedagogue with a particular interest in the study of undiagnosable throat pain, Stephen has been instrumental in bringing the biopsychosocial model of dysfunction and pain management into the world of Voice Pedagogy. Delivering thousands of hours of treatment and continuous research reviews every year, Stephen and his team are at the forefront of evidence based developments in the field of voice.

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