Reading List for all Courses and Seminars

Singing Teachers’ Toolkit

Core Reading

Doscher, B. (1994). The Functional Unity of the Singing Voice: Scarecrow Press.

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Additional Reading

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Singing Voice over the Lifespan

Core Reading

Williams, J. (2018). Teaching Singing to Children and Young Adults (2nd ed.). Broughton: Compton Publishing Ltd.

Blakemore, S.-J. (2018). Inventing Ourselves: The secret life of the teenage brain. London: Penguin.

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Additional Reading

Abitbol, J. (2006). Odyssey of the Voice. San Diego: Plural Publishing.

Linville, S. E. (2001). Vocal Aging. San Diego: Singular Thomson Learning.

Singing Voice Health and Rehabilitation

Core Reading

Cazden, J. (2012). Everyday Voice Care. Milwaukee,WI: Hal Leonard.

Jones, S. M. (2016). Laryngeal Endoscopy and Voice Therapy. Oxford: Compton Publishing.

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Additional Reading

Martin, S., & Darnley, L. (2019). The Voice in Education. Oxford: Compton Publishing

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Singing in the Brain

Core Reading

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Additional Reading

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Functional Anatomy of the Voice

Core Reading

Morris, R., & Hutchison, L. (2017). If in doubt, breathe out! : Compton Publishing.

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Additional Reading

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