Seminar - Advanced Anatomy of the Larynx

The summer series of seminars is now finished. There will be dates announced for the Autumn series.

The structure and function of the larynx is still not completely understood, we tend to rely on some over-simplified models, which are nevertheless a useful starting point.

This seminar will move beyond these models to explore what more we can learn about the relationships and inter-dependence of the laryngeal structures.

The Larynx – intrinsic and extrinsic structures

• Laryngeal suspensory musculature
• Muscles for swallowing• Vocal fold structure: layering of tissue types
• Pitch: the muscles of pitch control
• Loudness: vocal fold closure quotient, vocal fold amplitude
• Vocal fold behaviour: Breathiness, harshness

More on the intrinsic laryngeal musculature

• Vocal fold vibration: the Bernoulli effect, myoelastic-aerodynamic theory; inertance and impedance
• Vocal registers: the difference between register changes and resonance phenomena
• Pitch, loudness and registers – the complex choreography of intrinsic laryngeal muscles
• Semi-occluded vocal tract exercises
• Vibrato

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