Seminar - Advanced Anatomy of the Vocal Tract and the impact on Voice Acoustics

The summer series of seminars is now finished. There will be dates announced for the Autumn series.

This is a more in-depth look at the tongue and the soft palate; not only in terms of function, but also evaluating our proprioceptive awareness of these movements.

This leads into an introductory session on the acoustics of the vocal tract, in order to understand the impact on the vocal sound of larynx height, tongue position and jaw and lip movements.

The vocal tract
• The nature of sounds generated by the larynx and how this is modified by the vocal tract to form vowels and consonants.
• Pharynx: the constrictor muscles, the velum
• Larynx height: constrictor and strap muscles
• Tongue: connections between the tongue and the hyoid bone and the velum
• Jaw: the temporomandibular joint and the muscles of biting and chewing
• Lips and facial muscles

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