Seminar - Introduction to Functional Anatomy of Voice

Friday 11th September 10am-1pm, Monday 26th October 10am-1pm

This is ideal for anyone who is beginning the journey of finding out about how the voice works.

Whether you are an undergraduate singer who is curious, or an experienced professional who has never needed to know until now, here is your chance to begin your discovery of this amazing subject.

Even if you already know a fair amount, it can be very useful to revise your knowledge.

Breath and Balance
What actually needs to move and what needs to stay still. How can we achieve a steady flow of air with the minimum of effort? What impact will the alignment of the body have on our voice?

The Larynx
A simple look at pitch change, register change, vibrato and basic voice qualities. What are the vocal folds and how do they move to create sound?

The Vocal Tract
What happens in the tube from the larynx to the lips? How does the shape of this change with tongue and jaw position, and what impact does this all have on voice qualities and vowels?