Seminar – Introduction to Human Anatomy, in relation to Voice


This seminar looks at what makes up our bodies and how all these relate to our voices.
It is the ideal basis for any of the other Advanced Anatomy Seminars.

Bone and the Skeleton – the scaffolding
• Interrelationship between bony structures
• The spine and its attachments

Connective Tissues – cohesion and support
• Types of cartilage
• Ligaments and tendons
• Fascia

Joints – hinges and rotations
• Synovial joint structure
• The temporomandibular joint

Nerves and the Brain
• Organisation of the central nervous system
• Components of peripheral nerves (sensory and motor components)
• Cortical sensory and motor areas and the control of movement
• Learning of skilled motor activity, myelin formation
• Autonomic Nervous System, the stress response

• Different muscle types and their functions
• How muscle fibres are organised
• Issues of stamina and fatigue