Seminar - Life Cycle of the Voice: Adolescent Changes

This seminar will address the key difference between male and female voices during the onset of puberty.

We will examine hormonal changes, including breathiness in girls and potential solutions for this.

We will then consider the stages of male adolescence and explore the research of Tanner and Cooksey. It gives essential guidance of how to work with the voice during this crucial developmental stage. You will be able to identify which stage of voice change a boy is in, and know what pitch range he will be able to sing comfortably.

  • The role of hormones in vocal development of teenagers
  • Adolescent girls
  • Common issues like breathiness in the voice
  • Adolescent boys
  • Recognising the stages of voice change
  • How to keep singing though these changes
  • Common challenges such as working with a limited range or choosing whether to use falsetto
  • Less common issues such as puberphonia
  • Finding repertoire that fits