Singing Voice Rehabilitation 24th March 2019, Guildford

All voice users suffer from ill health at some time. This course is aimed at voice practitioners who already have a working knowledge of anatomy and function but who wish to gain a deeper understanding of voice disorders and post-clinical voice rehabilitation. This is of particular interest to teachers who wish to understand the impact of vocal misuse in singers. It is also an ideal foundation for any singing teacher wishing to work within a multi-disciplinary voice clinic. This day is limited to a small number pf participants as the content will be bespoke for the group. Attendance is not a licence to market yourself as a Vocal Rehabilitation Coach, it is a chance to learn more about rehabilitation in order to progress to the next level should you wish. If you are already a trained Speech and Language Therapist, this will give you the necessary understanding of the issues facing professional singers who encounter injury or voice loss. Course details here If you wish to book, please email me via the Contact page
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