Talking of Singing - a series of conversations

Sundays 5-6.30pm UK time

This is an Autumn festival of ideas. World experts in voice will be in conversation with Jenevora Williams, talking about their own area of research and how it can be relevant to current voice teaching.

These are live events, an ‘in the moment’ experience; there will not be a recording available afterwards. Please join us, we will have plenty of time for questions and ideas from all of you.

I am delighted to hear that you are planning a series of talks. I think the format is a brilliant one with you and your colleague chatting about a particular aspect of vocal pedagogy. The crucial element is time and allowing an expert to uncover an area of interest!

Helena McCrisken - Singing Teacher

Thank you again for another stimulating session. I’m so glad that this format has worked so well and am delighted to hear you will be continuing in the autumn. It is wonderful to get some insight into different teachers/researchers work and references to further reading which otherwise would only be available through conference format.
I’m looking forward very much to “logging in” for the next series of talks.

Judith Sheridan – Singing Teacher

Individual Conversations

Johan Sundberg - 50 years in voice research; why, how and what next?

Sunday 27th September 

Chadley Ballantyne - What's the Buzz? - Resonance strategies across genres

Sunday 4th October 

Kittie Verdolini - The use of singing exercises after vocal fold injury

Sunday 11th October

Joanna Cazden - The Vocalist's Grand Bargain

Sunday 18th October

Posture - round table discussion with Robert Sussuma, Jean Bernard Cerin Stephen King

Sunday 8th November

Carolyn McGettigan – 
Flexible voices: Linking the brain and the voice using MRI

Sunday 22nd November

Gillyanne Kayes - Are You Singing Comfortably?

Sunday 29th November

Event fee:

£20 for each conversation booked individually, 10% discount for two, 15% for four and 20% for six in one basket