Teaching young voices

Are you giving your young singers the best tools for strong and healthy singing? This course explores the vocal possibilities and limitations throughout the young singer’s development, this can be any stage from pre-school to undergraduate. Stages of development can, if required, specifically focus on the vital area of adolescent voice change in both girls and boys. Learning a technique for any physical skill is merely finding a way to perform the task with the minimum of effort – let’s help our young singers to make it easier for themselves!

Teaching Young Voices: Course Details

“Thank you so very much for the informative, enjoyable hour you gave our class on Wednesday! I have heard so many positive comments from the students and I must say, I learned wonderful new things myself. Your lecture was so very well planned and clear. I loved the note sheet which accompanied the information. I’d never seen a handout quite like that before…it was wonderful. You are obviously passionate and gifted in this area and I can see that you must be a wonderful voice teacher. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Voice Lecturer in Vocal Pedagogy, University of Denver, CO

“I have wanted to hear Jenevora for a while as all my teaching is with children, and I think she must be the most eminent and informed expert on young voices currently. She really did a fantastic presentation, so clear and beautifully illustrated, and I am very glad to be taking away the pictures/notes which amount to a mini text book of the important elements. Huge congratulations and thanks to her – I found her enthusiasm infectious and was very impressed by the thoroughness of her research.”

Singing Teacher

“I could hear your influence in lessons throughout the building yesterday. Thanks again for a wonderful day!”

Director, Voiceworks Studio, Cork
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