Training provision

Courses, workshops and seminars can be tailor-made to your own needs and specifications. These are the main subjects covered, they can be combined in a pick-and-mix format to give the ideal information for you or your group. Any of these subject areas can also be incorporated into a private lesson format.

Please look under the Future Courses tab at the top of the page for existing courses that you could join.

For details of the Postgraduate Certificate and MA in Vocal Pedagogy use this link

“I just feel the irresistible urge to tell you how glad I am I met you in my path. You’re so inspiring. I loved having you as a tutor. Cannot thank you enough – really mean it. The way you speak, present information is so simple, yet so splendidly put. It’s just mind blowing, honestly. I do hope to meet you again, and soon!”
PGCert Student