Bespoke Training

You can choose exactly how you would like your own course to be structured; this can be anything from a one-hour vocal health workshop from your choir to a full three-day immersive study on Teaching Young Voices. The event can be delivered online, or it can be an in-person occasion. The cost of in-person is the same as that of online, with the addition of associated expenses.

Have a good look through the subject areas, these can form the framework for your bespoke course. Any of them can be extended to a fuller, deeper version of the topic; or they can be summarised into a distilled version.

Please get in touch via the contact form and together we can formulate the most effective training experience for your group.

Examples of previous events:
One-hour choral workshop on Vocal Health

One-hour choral workshop on getting the most from mature voices

Three-hour interactive session for singing and instrumental teachers in a Music Hub

Two-day course for choral leaders and MDs

INSET training for classroom teachers

One or two-day course for singing teachers on Vocal Health and Rehabilitation

One, two or three-day course on Functional Anatomy

One or two-day course on Acoustics of the Singing Voice

One, two or three-day course on Teaching Young Voices

Courses have been given in the US, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Portugal, The Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Ireland and the UK


“I just feel the irresistible urge to tell you how glad I am I met you in my path. You’re so inspiring. I loved having you as a tutor. Cannot thank you enough – really mean it. The way you speak, present information is so simple, yet so splendidly put. It’s just mind blowing, honestly. I do hope to meet you again, and soon!”
PGCert Student