Vocal Health Education

Vocal Health Education

As our appreciation of the demands placed on a singer are changing, ‘Vocal Rehabilitation’ as an industry is growing too. More singers are now seeking help with their voices, where before they were afraid and scared to do so, thus a new breed of singing teacher/ voice professional is needed to tackle the change in the times.

Jenevora Williams (PhD in Singing Voice Health) and Stephen King (Founder of the Voice Care Centre, London) set out to ask the big questions around this exciting area for specialism and with some guidance from top training providers and medical professionals, they have written a learning pathway packed with relevant information. 

Vocal health Education, (a not for profit company) is excited to announce a three tier education programme specialising in Vocal Rehabilitation delivered by Consultant Surgeons, Psychotherapists, Speech Therapists, Nutritional Scientists and world class Vocal Educators.

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